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Why Budget Hotels Should Upgrade Hotel Locking & Security Systems?

Budget hotels are now competing with 4- and 5-star hotels by upgrading the security and privacy levels and adopting the advantageous RFID solutions for hotel locking and administrative systems. It helps delight customers with a safe stay-at-home experience, keep returned customers stay and enhance your reputation.

Why Budget Hotels Should Upgrade Hotel Locking & Security Systems?

Delight Your Customers with A Safe Stay-at-home Experience

Recently in the hospitality sector, the demand for budget hotels is rising significantly due to the exponential increase in tourism. To create a positive guest experience is vital to keep returned customers stay and enhance hotel reputation. Among the various factors that tourists show concerns about when deciding where to stay and comparing a budget hotel, a secure accommodation is always of the paramount importance.

A 2015 study shows that 56% of hotel owners surveyed said that they upgraded hotel door-lock systems in the past 2 years and have been moving towards a more advanced and secure technology solutions such as RFID.

If your hotel is still using the traditional lock and key system which is inherently not secure, it is important to catch up with the trend and gain your customers trust so they are willing to stay, return, and leave positive reviews.

The advantages of RFID Key Card Locks are salient in comparison with traditional key locks and magnetic locks, by not only offering greatly enhanced security guarantee but also better operational control and security.

First, with embedded anti-cloning technologies and programmable features, it allows hotels to employ advanced and unique encryption protocol for the locking system. When the card is in use, it comes within a few feet of the reader's antenna, and the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip transmits its data, identifying the user to a security computer. In this way, it makes it very unlikely to get cloned by hackers than magnetic locks.

In addition, due to the fact that the RFID system can be integrated with your hotel’s administrative data network, it gives you greater control of what’s going on in your hotel. You are able to digitally track guest’s movement with the date and time, and the activity information recorded in the system. If lost or stolen, it can get digitally shut off in no time to prevent possible financial losses.

With a little investment in hotel locking and security system, it makes you stand out of the crowd and delights your customers with a safe stay-at-home experience. LockChoice carries a selection of great quality and premier look RFID hotel locks, featuring no exposed card slots and prolonged lifetime.

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