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Introducing G1 Smartphone App Wi-Fi Controller

LockChoice just launches our ultra-smart and innovative smartphone APP Wi-Fi Controller Module for Magnetic Lock and Electric Strike.

Introducing G1 Smartphone App Wi-Fi Controller

With the technology development, our house and property security and supplements are improving as well. Lots of people would like to change their house to a smart home, so they can manage their house easier and living in a convenient place.

Using mobile phones or smartphones for access control is not a new idea. Well before Android smartphones and iPhones gained their current popularity, manufacturers of access control systems have tested scenarios in which phones were used to open a door.

Now, no matter what kind of phone you have, as long as it can install an App, you can just use your phone to control your home or office locks. With Wi-Fi or Cellular service 3G, 4G and LTE, it can be simple to just click to open the door. In addition, the process is very easy; you will have a master phone to manger all the smartphones, and can easily add and delete users. There is no limitation about how many users you can add. Lock choice’s G1 smartphone Wi-Fi control not only can make use your phone pad to open the door, but also can scheduling the timer to lock and unlock automatically once or weekly. Check our products for more details.

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