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Contactless RFID Hotel Key Card Locks

RFID key card locks are catching on fast. More and more hotel lowers and public facilitis managers are looking into sqruce up the guestrooms experience by replacing their old magentic card locks with new RFID key card looks.

Contactless RFID Hotel Key Card Locks

With the growing popularity and increasing needs of radio frequency identification technology, hotel managers can now offer their guests better hospitality experience. More importantly, lower maintenance cost becomes a key factor to use RFID key card locks.

Lower Maintenance Cost

One of the key features a RFID key card locks provides over magnetic stripe key card locks is the lifetime of the key cards. RFID key cards can be easily encoded or re-encoded by a compatible encoder without any physical contact. Regular magnetic stripe key cards have limit time of use. Besides, RFID hotel locks are usually more weather-proof due to no exposed card slot.

Better Guest Experience

Using RFID keycards allows guests to unlock the door and enter their rooms without inserting keycards into the lock. You can even keep your keycard in your pocket or wallet, and unlock your door when you are in the range of the reader on the door.


As the rapid development of Internet, there is a significant trend toward contactless RFID key card locks in hospitality industry. Choosing RFID hotel locks will make your hotel rooms more compatible with future technologies, such as mobile devices, and smart devices. Many hotels have been started taking it a step further by using RFID Key Card Locks to allow guests enter their rooms via mobile apps.

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