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The Advantages of RFID Locks

Many businesses use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) door locks. Each key card contains data encoded on a machine-readable RFID chip and plays an integral part in a computerized security system. When the card comes within a few feet of the reader's antenna, the RFID chip transmits its data, identifying the user to a security computer.

The Advantages of RFID Locks

RFID smart cards are programmable, easy to use and afforadble. RFID locks are great for hotels, motels, dormitory, hospitals, and other commercial buildings.

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Ease of Use

An RFID card is just as useful in your pocket or clipped to your shirt. Because the RFID system uses radio waves, the card's proximity to the reader triggers the system. compared to magnetic stripe card, an RFID smart cards don't need to make physical contact with the reader, which adds convenience when you are carrying an armload of boxes and want access to a locked room.

RFID Hotel Locks

Data Tracking

Because a person carries an RFID card with her, a smart-card system records her movements. For example, when a person enters a locked room with the card, the system notes the person, the date and time, and the activity.

Secure Data

The data on a RFID card is only readable when you have a special equipment, this feature keeps the data recorded on the chip secure.


RFID locks usually are weatherproof due to no exposed card slot.


With the certain equipment, you are able to program and reprogram an existing RFID card with new security requirements.

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